1. Welcome

    Vigne Rada

    Alghero, Sardegna.

  2. Welcome

    Cantine Rada

    A place of encounter, to tell you about the excitement of working our land.

    A traditional job, carried out with care and with absolute respect of the vine and supported by a modern production process. This is what has allowed us to give life to the
    wines of Sardinia capable of restoring, through visual, olfactory and gustatory sensations, the extraordinary beauty of our nature, made of old oaks, arbutus trees and 
    Mediterranean scrub.

    The desire to share, through a glass of wine, the emotions aroused by our origins, from the contemplation of a vineyard placed in the incredible scenery that surrounds us, resulted in the desire to begin a new pathway of life, in the name of Vigne Rada.
    That is how in 2012 we came to the first vinification on the soils of Monte Pedrosu, Alghero. A hard land, difficult, but able to give good fruits.


  3. Stria

    Vermentino di Sardegna

    A controlled designation of origin Vermentino di Sardegna (Vermentino of Sardinia), Stria is the first wine of the Vigne Rada winery.
    Produced from grapes collected at full maturity and gently pressed, Stria is a unique and complex wine like, just like the land from which it is born.

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