Rada - The Farm

The Monte Pedrosu farm. 

Part of Nurra, just behind Santa Maria La Palma, a tiny village in the Alghero district.Here you find the Cantina of Rada Alghero Vineyards, whose name already suggests the strong bond between land and sea, which makes this territory so unique.Here are still preserved some landscape elements that have always characterized this corner of the Mediterranean: oaks, fruit shrubs, myrtle and many arboreal species which are typical of our island.

The Rada Farm Vineyard, located in the district of Monte Pedrosu, covers 17 acres; clay and sandy lands, dry, poor and stony soils, are particularly suitable for a quality grape growing. These climatic and environmental peculiarities give our well exposed native grapes, Vermentino and Cagnulari, intense and elaborate aromatic expressions.

The Cubalciada farm

The Cubalciada farm takes its name from the area where it is located, in the region of Guardia Grande in the municipality of Alghero, along the route which goes from Santa Maria La Palma to Porto Conte. The land, which extends over 4 hectares, is characterized by its unusual dual composition: one part, mainly calcareous which gives aromatic finesse, is home to the Vermentino vineyards; the other one, composed mainly by chalky/clay soil, where Cannonau is grown.