The Wines

Cagnulari is an old grape variety of north-east Sardinia. In the Monte Pedrosu terroir it expresses a unique body, elegance and aromatic complexity.
This is a difficult grape variety that lends itself to ageing for a long time to give premium wines.

The Mistral wind that cuts through the perfectly exposed vineyards of the Monte Pedrosu estate permits the Vermentino grapes to dry naturally on the vines conveying a complex aromatic richness to the wine.

3 NODI (literally 3 knots): to be enjoyed slowly, just like the boats move slowly when in a harbour...

Riviera - The Cannonau di Sardegna DOC of the Vigne Rada Cellars of Alghero was born in 2012 of the particularly favorable climate of this corner of the Mediterranean.

The short pruning and the limited yields have allowed for the wait for a full phenolic maturity of the grape bunches.  Grapes are harvested by hand in the first week of October and placed to ferment in steel temperature-controlled vats to preserve the fruity aromas which are typical of this varietal.

It is a wine which is soft, warm, slightly spiced, with an intense ruby red color, particularly rich and balanced in alcohol and extracts, as taught by the mllennial winemaking tradition of our island.

A controlled designation of origin Vermentino di Sardegna (Vermentino of Sardinia), Stria is the first wine of the Vigne Rada winery. Produced from grapes collected at full maturity and gently pressed, Stria is a unique and complex wine like, just like the land from which it is born.

It is a quality product characterized by an indigenous signature, born from the will to develop a technological wine-making process which permits us to respect the wine's organoleptic and natural components. Devoid of those adulterations which would distance it from the local dimension and tradition from which it was born.